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Client Testimonials

To whom it may concern,

I have done several Treks now with Narandra over the last 5 yrs. He has been very professional, safe and very honest. Narandra always ensures priority to the customer, he reminds me of the good olds days when service was service. His English is excellent and he has plenty of stories to tell of Nepal, making an entertaining and pleasant hike. I have recommended him to a number of colleges and all have had nothing but praise for his service. I highly recommend Narandra, should you require a short or long hike through Nepal. I look forward to my next hike. Regards,

Keven Tate A330 Capt , Dragon Airlines (Australia)

We were in Nepal with our family in 2008 and Narendra Timalsina was our competent and always friendly guide. Due to bad weather conditions we were not able to follow the program as foreseen, but Narendra made sure that we had a wonderful time after all. We really felt looked after very well, as Narendra managed to improvise and make alternative arrangements all the time. We were very impressed by his experience, knowledge, trekking skills and attention to detail. In short, he really made us feel that he cared about our well-being. Without hesitation we would recommend Narendra!

Just and Olga Jansz (Netherland)

In October of 2009 we had the pleasure to travel to one of the world’s truly beautiful countries, Nepal. During our stay of three weeks we experienced the many wonder of this country and culture, from the noisy and busy capital of Katmandu to the serene beauty of the Annapurna mountain range at dawn. We were escorted on our adventures by experienced and knowledgeable guides. Far and away our favorite was our guide on the Annapurna trail, Narendra Timalsina. Narendra is the embodiment of the classis guide. Our safety and comfort were always his first concerns as he shared with us the beauty and wonders of his country. Over the course of our ten day trek, we decided to bestow a new title on Narendra: Trusted Guide and Mayor of the Annapurna Trail. It seemed he knew everyone in each little hamlet and tea house.

This was best demonstrated when we were given what must have been the presidential suite in a three story tea house. We were given that room because we were Narendra’s charges. As the days and evenings passed on the trail we began to feel more like family than tourist, due to the warm personality of Narendra. We began a custom of sharing a beverage together each evening after finishing our trek, just before the evening dinner was served. It was during these informal and casual conversations during a well earned rest that we come to know and share stories of each other’s families. In a short span of time we found a friend for life on the trail to Annapurna, Narendra Timalsina.

Cathy and John (US)

"Narendra was my guide for trekking in the Khumbu and he guided me from Katmandu/Lukla to the Kalar Pattar and back. He was throughout our trek a very friendly and helpful companion and I can warmly recommend his skills as a trekking guide to anybody visiting Nepal."

Florian maurer (Italy)

Narendra is a very friendly and experienced guide. He knows a lot about the several trekking areas and the possbile routes. He can tell you a lot about the mountains and is always happy and very helpfull.

Fred and Madelon (Netherland)


My son and I had a memorable trek in the Himalayan Mountains to the renowned Base Camp at Mt. Everest.

The challenging trip was an enjoyable trip due to the knowledge and expertise of our local Nepalese guide, Naran. His companionship and extensive experience were shared with us to provide an appreciation of the local culture and religious practices of the people in the villages along the rivers and valleys of the route.

Naren has a very pleasant and relaxed personality and communicated well to keep us informed of safety and health considerations due to high altitude conditions.

Due to his concern for our safety and physical well-being, we were able to see and experience the wonders and fantastic sights that only a Himalaya trek provides for the adventurous traveler.

I would highly recommend him as a guide.

Joseph D Echelmeier, 75 Grover Beach, California

Everest Base Camp

My father and I had an amazing experience in visiting Nepal and trekking to Base camp. Our guide Narendra Timalsina made the experience even more enjoyable with his knowledge, consideration and attitude. He was very helpful and able to accommodate myself and 75 year old father. He was very familiar with the route and the communities along the way which was a huge benefit. His knowledge of English and good humor made the trip even more enjoyable. We were very fortunate to have him as a guide as we witnessed others guides along the way that were not in the same class as him. He was a true professional and even helped other trekkers with communications with their guides and Sherpas. Even after the trek was over, Naran agreed to accompany me on walking tours of Kathmandu and the surrounding area. This was very helpful since my time was limited and he knew exactly where to go and what to see.

He treated us with great compassion and respect that we will never forget. I would highly recommend Naran as a guide and intend to join him again soon for another trek in the Himalayas. I would be more then happy to discuss my experience with anyone that is considering his services, you will not be disappointed.

Michael Echelmeier, 44 Auburn, California

A project for a whole family

First thing that comes in to my mind when I start recalling my trip to Anapurna one of the highest peaks of the world, was the altitude, nature, colors, the Marxist militia who were guarding the paths with grand flags from the Soviet Union and my extreme stomach sickness that made me stay in a bed high up in the mountains for two days. Of course on a personal level these experiences my personal experiences where very real but not as real as something else, something underlying my direct experiences…

What makes us the way we are is the interaction amongst each other. I am dependent on so many levels of other people; the clothes I am wearing, the education I have, my family who have helped me to grow up. What defines us the way we are is our unique interaction with each other. That is why my experiences from Nepal (amongst many others) are because the people of Nepal let me have them. People who are willing to show their homes, their desire and give you the respect the possibility to experience...

The Family Timalsina

I have been to Nepal three times. And it was the second time I met the shy and very gentle man Narendra. He was supposed to guide me threw the Anapurna mountains. But my adventures lust made me decide in the last minute to do the trekking alone. This became the beginning of a few unforeseen events. Narendra had to make me write a letter to his employer that it was my own made choice and not Narendras fault that I was going alone. I was not realizing the danger I was putting Narendra in. He could lose his job if they would not believe him.

Coming back from the trek I decided to see what had happened to Narendra, I wanted to know if his employer had believed him and if he was still getting work. I found him and his family living in one of the suburban of Kathmandu in a beautiful country like area with people growing their own vegetables. He had not been working or getting many more jobs after I left him, but it was not because of me he said, there was just not so much work around. He let me in to his house to meet his children Sabina, … and his wife …. The children where attending a private school and were achieving excellent scores. Sabina was number one and her brother was never far behind. But since their father was the only provider for the family the children where risking not being able to proceed with their education.

Today thanks to hard work, intelligent work and determination the family keeps on progressing! Narendra takes his business with trekking very serious, the children work hard to fulfill their ambitions in school and their mother helps them every day, to provide everyone with food.

This is the true experience of travelling, the experience of meeting people and being part of their daily life, the underlying forces that affects your trekking!


Carl-Alexander Allwood(Sweden)

Narendra Timalsina - Letter of appreciation

To whom it may concern,

I write this as a letter of recommendation of Mr Narendra Timalsina, who was our expedition leader on a trek which I undertook with two of my work colleagues in November of 2010.

We met Narendra on the evening before we took the bus to Pokhara, and from that time on we were in his hands. From guiding us on the short walk through the streets of Thamel to the tourist bus, making sure we got on the bus okay and suggesting that we sit on the right hand side of the bus to get the best view on the journey, to steering us on the best meals at the two rest stops, Narendra looked after every detail, quietly and unobtrusively.

From that moment onwards, it became obvious to all three of us why we had opted for a guided holiday rather than trying to muddle our way through things by ourselves, and Narendra quickly his excellent ability. Rather than trying to put across a step by step account, it would be more sensible to pick the highlights, of which there were many, and then picking the best of those.

When fog threatened to prevent us flying to Jomsom, and the alternative of trekking to Jomsom and then hoping that we could get a flight back, a risky strategy as we only had seven or eight days, Narendra somehow managed to get us onto the only flight out of Pokhara that morning, and made sure that we had eats on the right hand side of the plane to get the best mountain views during the flight.

When one of our team started to struggle from a knee injury which threatened to force him to get some form of transport back to Pokhara when we trekked back out through Jomsom following our hike up to Kagbeni and Muktinath, Narendra managed to get medical treatment for our colleague which enabled him to complete the trek.

Narendra advised on our food intake, suggesting that if we ate simply and all ate the same things when we stopped at the tea-houses, not only would it be easier for the people with whom we stayed, it would also limit our chance of getting stomach trouble. Once again Narendra’s advice proved to be correct, and none of us had to resort to Immodium or the like at any time during the trek.

If Narendra suggested a particular tea-house, we were more than happy to take his advice, and none of the establishments we stayed in let us down. The therapeutic effect of a hot shower, no matter how basic, should never be underestimated - nor should the seemingly endless quantity of crisp, juicy apples that Narendra was able to produce at the drop of a hat.

It would only be exaggerating slightly if I say that Narendra seemed to know EVERYONE that we met on the trekking circuit, or knew of someone who knew that person. I have no doubt that would have been very useful if we had run into difficulties which need a message to be passed.

Narendra was endlessly cheerful, and a laugh or smile, a quick burst of some Nepalese folksong and, when things were really going well, a dancing display, was always sufficient to put a smile on our faces and lift our spirits when we were starting to ‘flag’ a bit.

I’ve saved this one for last, mainly because it’s probably the most important from the point of view of two of us getting up to Poon Hill and still managing to complete the trek and get back to Kathmandu in time to catch our flight out of Nepal. Earthbound produced a trek itinerary which we would probably have taken at face value. However, after the first day Narendra had obviously become aware of our abilities and limitations and he suggested that we fine-tune the itinerary. That meant an extra-long walk one day - and if I’m honest, I wasn’t overly impressed by Narendra’s suggestion, coming as it did when our original destination for the day had come into view, followed by the realisation that we had almost two hours of unplanned walking to do once we got there. By now though we had absolute trust in Narendra’s judgement, and the extra slog paid dividends the following morning when two of us made it up Poon Hill and back down while the third member of our party sat and enjoyed the early morning sunshine in a tea-shop (he was the injured one mentioned earlier on). If it hadn’t been for Narendra, I’m convinced that we would have had to side-step Poon Hill and would therefore have missed the highlight - in more ways than one - of our trek.

I could go on and on but I don’t want to put you through too much of a reading ordeal. On our return to Pokhara we all had a meal together - the three of us, Narendra and our two porters (Thakur and Debendra) - and then the following day was taken up by our return to Kathmandu and the final event of the trip, a cultural evening. On the day of our flight, as we parted for what may or may not be the last time, Narendra presented each one of us with a pashmina, something that was very typical of the generosity of his nature and spirit.

If you are reading this it means that hopefully you are thinking of enlisting Narendra’s services - and I have no hesitation in suggesting that you do so. Nepal is a magical country, I’d like to think that I know that well having visited it eight times, and our trek counts amongst the best times I’ve spent out there, but I can honestly say that I think of Narendra now as a friend - albeit one who lives in a country on the far side of the world from England - and I hope that this recommendation might help to serve him well. His character is beyond reproach, his energy limitless, his sense of humour and sheer zest for life infectious, and I consider myself lucky to have met him, never mind having experienced his talents as a trek leader.

Kindest regards,Scott Irving (England)

"In April/May 2011, Narendra took us on a fantastic 10 day trek to the Annapurna Base Camp. We could not have wished for a better guide! Narendra's experience and professionalism shone through at all times - from our very first meeting at our hotel in Kathmandu until when we sadly parted ways at the end of our adventure. He has a genuine love for trekking and a great sense of fun. He had an impressive ability to spot animals with his eagle-eyed vision and and taught us several Nepali phrases, which we still use at home! We especially appreciated his care and assistance on our first few days as both of us were not feeling well when we started the trek. Narendra paced the walking to ensure we were okay and had lots of tips for avoiding illness on the trek. He was very knowledgeable about the area, arranged great rooms in all of our guest houses and knew the best food to have at each place. He was always very attentive and thoughtful. We were very glad to see Narendra looking after our energetic young porter, Aneil, as well. We have special memories of every day in the mountains with Narendra and we would highly recommend his services.

Dhanyabaad Narendra!

Ben and Meghan,( Sydney, Australia)