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Home Stay Treks

Home Stay TreksA home stay trek allows travelers to stay with a Nepalese family during the journey in some trekking regions, where there are no lodges or tea houses for accommodation. The home stay participant lives with the family: sleeping in a Nepalese home, taking meals with the family and maybe even touring the city or celebrating a holiday or birthday with them. The program provides a unique opportunity to learn about Nepalese culture, make new friends and extended family and provide direct assistance to the Nepalese people, many of whom are saving for their children’s future education.

During your stay you will be able to feel what it is like to live the life of a Nepali villager. Walk with your family while they go about their daily chores, tending animals, tilling the fields, going to school with the children, or just sitting in the sun talking to neighbors. Feel free to wander, safely, by yourself and look at all of the developments that the community have supported and funded; the village school, primary health centre, the agricultural service centre, the plant nursery and forest plantation. And, at the end of your stay, you will be overwhelmed by the farewell that your new family will give you